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Welcome to the CAPS website and the home of the Common Automotive Platform Standard where you can learn more about CAPS, its history and the people behind this innovative and powerful connectivity platform. More importantly, you can explore what it means to you as a repairer (bodyshop), an insurer or any business that is connected to the motor claims process.

Universally used within the industry

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Secure Data Transmission

In this digital age, we are surrounded by information that needs to be transferred and communicated between parties across the supply chain, immediately and seamlessly. This vast amount of data doesn’t all come from the same place. Life would be so much easier if it did. Instead, we have to deal with different host management systems, claims systems and a range of applications and technologies that have to communicate with one another. This is what CAPS is all about – connecting our industry by creating a common language that enables different system to understand one another and share information.